This incredibly fun band is how it might sound if Stevie Wonder had spent a year living in Jamaica.


With a soulful-voiced frontman who sings directly from his heart to yours, and award-winning, original Reggae, Latin, and Funk songs, there is always a lot of love in the room at a Conga & Co. performance.


Conga & Co. has been together since 2017. Once they began performing together, the band focused on transforming each show into an event that goes beyond a typical “gig.” The band members take pride in creating positive, uplifting, and memorable experiences for every audience. This approach has converted even casual observers into loyal followers, leading to the band’s rise through the ranks of the LA music scene, while building a dedicated fan base along the way.




"Conga & Co. has a great vibe. Their lyrics tell coherent and engaging stories. Fun, creative, inventive and really well put together! Definitely an artist I'd like to hear more from."



"This band is TIGHT!!!" -Dot Todman,  Vocal coach, American Idol commentator


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